spiders-150x150The main part of spiders lives in the open air, but some of them in search of food penetrate into premises. In such a way spiders appear in the house. In the apartments and houses are most frequently encountered pholcidae. They have a body from 2 to 10 mm in length, and their legs can reach in length from 1 to 20 sizes of their body.  In the neighborhood with people also inhabit gray and black home spiders. These arachnids are small (gray – 14 mm, black – 18 mm).

Randomly in the house can enter very dangerous and poisonous spiders, such as the brown recluse spider, which lives in the eastern United States, or a tarantula or a black widow. All spiders are predators. They feed on insects and small animals. Spiders kill the victim by means of poison, and then injected into the body of the victim digestive juices. After a while the predator sucks the nutrient solution.

Species of home spiders are enough. More common species are species, which have long been adapted to coexist with humans and weave their hunting spider’s webs in the dark corners of home. Sign of residence in the house spiders is the spider’s web. By type of it, you can fairly accurately determine which species live with you in the neighborhood.

The habitat

There are approximately 42,000 species of spiders. They are spread all over the world, although most of all species inhabit the warm climatic regions. Spiders love to settle in the dark, damp and cool places, therefore dimly lit house in which are problems with sewage become the best habitat for them.

Spiders are attracted to the house thanks to the source of a favorite food – insects. If there are flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects, spiders quickly penetrate into the house.

Most often spiders find themselves shelter under the bathtub, on pipes and behind the toilet bowl – in all dark and wet places. Therefore, in order to avoid meeting with them you should put in order your sanitary technician and regularly clean above mentioned locations. Similar problems are possible in houses with damp walls and poor foundation – in this case you have to do major repairs.

Harm to human

Home spiders are predators, feeding on many insects, including pests. So they are not dangerous, and very helpful. But they nevertheless are harmful. They do not only frighten residents of the house, but also weave a lot of spider’s webs, which are constantly hanging from the ceiling. If we talk about biting spiders, they are quite dangerous for people. On human skin, in the place of the bite, appear sores that heal very slowly.

The bite of a poisonous spider can be as mortally dangerous as simple unpleasant phenomenon. Everything depends on the amount and nature of the poison. The poison of spiders can be divided into two groups. It is neurotoxic and hemolytic. Most spiders produce neurotoxins. This kind of poison acts on the nervous system and paralyzes the victim. The bite of small spider is not dangerous, since its fangs are too small or fragile to break through human skin or animal body. But there are spiders, whose bite can cause serious health problems and even lead to death. Therefore, you should be very careful.

Causes, why appear such insects in the houses

Knowing the features of the behavior of spiders, it’s easy to guess whence they undertake in the house. Usually they are randomly brought on clothing or things.  Sometimes they can creep into some kind of cracks. Home spiders are completely safe for humans. If one spider lives in the apartment, it usually does not interfere, it does not bite, so you can not touch it.

Home-SpidersBut when in the house there are a lot of spiders, you should look for a means to get rid of them. Also you should control spread of them. It is not difficult to do, because they do not form colony and do not multiply as fast as cockroaches or ants.

However, another reason for the appearance of spiders – is the presence of plenty of food – various small insects.  So you should pay attention to the sanitary conditions.

Period of activity of the pests

The active time of the day is the night for the spiders. At night, they are very active. They leave the shelter and look for food.  Also the activity of spiders depends on breeding period, the males move around the house in search of females for mating. At this time, they are often aggressive, but almost are not dangerous.

Typically, spider sits in a hole only during the day, and at night goes hunting or lies waiting for prey, leaning out from the shelter as an ambush.

Life Cycle

Life cycle of spider consist on next stages: eggs – baby spiderlings – spiderlings – adult. Female lays eggs in the egg sac. Spiders usually lay their eggs in a cocoon in nest locations, in which they hibernate.  Females and males of home spiders do not differ much from each other in size, but as a rule, females can live for several years in the premises. In the same place until the spring sit hatched spiderlings. Spiders reach sexual maturity at the end of the summer, and after mating and egg-laying adult spiders die.


Reproduction of spiders is quite complicated procedure. It ends pretty badly, because practically always the male dies after fertilization. The life expectancy of various species of spiders is very different. The life cycle of many of them ends to one year. Some kinds of home spiders live for several years, for example, Tegenaria. Recognized centenarians among spiders are large tarantulas. They live for at least 7-8 years. Scientists know a case where female of Eurypelma californica lived in captivity 20 years.

Methods of dealing

In order to output spiders from the house, you do not need to resort to the toxic chemicals. You need to destroy all spider webs in the corners using a rag or a vacuum cleaner with narrow nozzle. You should try to detect and sweep away eggs. They are usually attached to the back panels of furniture, the bottom surface of the enclosures, cabinets, or sofas and other secluded corners.

You need to find in the apartment the source of their food (home insects) and get rid of it, otherwise the spiders come back. You can use chemical means, which include pyrethroids. Usually the most convenient in use are sprays. With their help, you have to spray the most probable places whence undertake spiders. You should remember, that is not so terrible spider, that appeared in the house, like the cause of the appearance.

Preventive means

The following tips will help you to take preventive measures, such as in the apartment, as well as in cottages.stop-spiders

  • Do not let the spiders get inside. Close up in the cottage or apartment all the cracks and large gaps. Replace or repair the torn mosquito screens on windows and doors.
  • Switch off the outdoor lighting: light does not attract spiders, but it attracts other insects.
  • Keep the room clean. In clean home spiders will have no chance to hide.
  • Do not leave leftover food that will attract other insects. Regularly sweep up and vacuum the floors, wipe the dust from the furniture. Try to wash the dishes immediately after eating. Use for food storage plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes.