flies-150x150Flies are genus of insects that includes more than 1000 species found on every continent except Antarctica.  They are very heat-loving creatures and can not tolerate freezing temperatures. That is why the spread of flies is directly related to spread of human habitation. These insects are the oldest pests, they are closely coexist with the people and, in fact, survive with their help.

Thanks to the faceted vision flies are able to sense odors and also they perfectly orient in space. It is almost impossible to steal up from behind to these insects. They feel threatened and are able to lightning fast respond to the rapidly approaching objects.

Housefly (Musca Domestica) is most common in houses. It has the dimensions from 4 to 7.5 mm. Housefly differs from other flies by veins in wing and four stripes on the back of the body. Mouth apparatus has a proboscis. In such way the fly can only accept liquid foods. Fly dilutes solid food with its saliva.

The habitat

Houseflies are cosmopolitan – they live in all places where people live. Depending on the climate flies could be found all year round or just during the warm season. The habitat of flies is closely related to human habitations. The flies settle in houses, warehouses and shops with food.

Flies, like all insects, hide in secluded places. When the sun warms, flies wake up and feel attractive odors of food, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and waste.

Harm to human

Flies not only annoy people and animals because they fly around and sit on them, but they are also carriers of dangerous microbes and parasites, as sit down as on food, and on the waste and feces. Flies are amongst of the most dangerous carriers of diseases. Scientists have determined that on the body of one fly are from 15 to 26 million germs. The causative agents of intestinal infections in flies are stored for a long time. It is best to spread coliforms (dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and parishes), poliomyelitis, stafillo- and micrococcal infections, the eggs of parasitic worms (Ascaris, pinworm, etc.).

Besides food waste, flies may eat dung, feces and other filth, which actually makes them the main carriers of worms. Flies could only once sit down on the surface of any product in order “to send” the person to the hospital for treatment. Molestation is another characteristic of flies. To relax in a place where there is at least one insect is almost impossible. Tormented by constant buzzing and crawling, person is absolutely not getting enough sleep, loses vitality and efficiency. That is why the question “how to get rid of the flies” interest today almost every urban and rural residents.

Causes, why appear such insects in the houses

Practically in every house sooner or later appear flies. These flying insects do not bite and do not cause obvious harm to the other residents of the apartment, but their importunity and omnipresence they can annoy nothing less than ants or cockroaches.   Flies can get into the house through cracks, vents, etc., but they can also have already been born at your house. Therefore the flies penetrate into the house in the following ways:

  1. Through the cracks in the windows, the walls, the floor or the attic
  2. Through the ventilation openings.
  3. Through the door, you open when enter or exit.
  4. From the eggs that the flies had lay to the apartment.

Period of activity of the pests

Flies are present everywhere in the human dwelling. Period of activity begins in the warmer seasons, when the average temperature rises and the period of suspended animation comes to an end. Flies can remain active all year round, if inhabit in the apartment, but the duration of their life in such conditions is sharply reduced.

Flies have very active behavior. Flies are active during the day. They are mainly oriented via the eyes. The eyes of flies in comparison with the head are very large, thanks to this flies have a broad outlook. The eyes of flies consist of a plurality of small lenses. They distinguish objects much better than the vertebrate eyes, so flies have a quick reaction.

The most attractive for the flies are green and red light waves, as well as the contrasts between light and dark. Flies also perceive ultraviolet light. In contrast to moles which by means of chemical signaling substances can communicate over long distances, flies can communicate only at close range.

Life Cycle

Conventional houseflies can live up to 40 days. Throughout the life cycle, they produce offspring. It is noteworthy that nest locations and feeding places of flies are often different. Like flying insects flies overcome great distances in search of food and breeding sites for offspring. High temperature, that is detrimental to the majority of insects, does not have any effect on the flies. Even in the hot summer, with high temperatures, flies are active, and their rate of reproduction even increased.


Development of flies occurs in various ways. Many flies lay their eggs in pit latrines and compost heaps. For the development of fly larvae are needed nutrients, which is full of humus.  Larvae are scavengers. They feed on the remains of vital activity of living organisms. The larvae of some flies are predators. They devour the flesh of the carrier and sometimes literally eating away the inside. Such colony of larvae is rather dangerous because they actively multiply in the tainted meat. In the larvae, in contrast to most flies, jaw apparatus is sufficiently developed, that allows not only sucking food, but also gnawing.

 Methods of dealing

The fight against flies includes the following activities:

  1. Compliance with sanitary and hygienic regime in the settlements and the destruction of sites contaminated with wastes, faces, etc.
  2. The destruction of the larvae in the places of development.
  3. Protection of the home from the invasion of flies
  4. The destruction of winged flies.

Therefore flies control can provide in different ways. With the help of mechanical barriers -nets for flies – you can prevent access of flies in the building. Flies can be caught with the help of sticky traps. As the flies are attracted to light, you can attach to the window transparent sticky traps or sticky traps, which will attract the flies with its form and color. You can also use baits with attracting insecticidal substances. The effect of attracting flies can be strengthened due to the color of the bait. For the destruction of certain flies you can use the swatter.

Preventive means

Stop-FliesFirst of all, if you live in cottage, it is necessary to keep clean the yard. It is advisable to plant some nut trees, as flies (and mosquitoes) can not tolerate the smell of them. The space immediately adjacent to the garbage chute, you need to regularly handle with disinfectants such as bleach solution. Flies can not tolerate the smell of vinegar. Therefore it is possible regularly lubricate window openings vinegar solution. You can put in the kitchen and rooms pots with castor bean. Flies can not stand the smell of it. Another variant is to put in the vase a bouquet of tansy.  They do not like drafts, so you need frequently to ventilate the room.