fleas-150x150Fleas are parasitic insects, most often occurring on animals (cats, dogs, cows, rats, mice, horses), birds, and sometimes can be detected on human. Fleas despite their tiny sizes are very dangerous, because they can be carriers of pathogens such as Salmonella, Hepatitis B, C.  Young flea is black, mature flea has a brownish tint. Fleas on average reach sizes from one to five millimeters.

Thanks to the special structure of finite fleas can very easy move through the body of the animal, cling to it under a different angle. Their main type of behavior is jumping and looking for food. Fleas can jump over distances up to thirty centimeters in length and twenty in height.

The habitat

Fleas prefer to settle all over the apartment, at the height of not more than a meter and a half above the floor. That is why if you have exactly fleas – fighting will be carried out just at this height.

Most preferred from the standpoint of fleas are secluded places, like your bed, carpet, soft toys, crevices and baseboards. Fleas consider that perfect place to stay is habitat of pets, kitchen sink, sometimes – furniture.  That is easier to list the places where there are none. Therefore, you can draw the conclusion that if you have fleas in the apartment – they live everywhere.

Harm to human

FleasFleas at home can bring to the owners enormous problems. These very small blood-sucking insects can live both on animals and on humans.  Fleas can be carriers of dangerous diseases such as hepatitis B and C, typhoid, plague, and others. Infection occurs with the bite or upon contact with their excrements. Therefore their destruction – is the only way to protect you from diseases.

The main features of the emergence of fleas in the home are numerous bites, mainly in the lower parts of the legs on exposed skin. Different people react differently to flea bites. Most people have small reddish itchy spots, in others – bites are practically asymptomatic, and someone has allergy and painful sores. The very same flea bite is barely noticeable and the person can not feel it.

Causes, why appear such insects in the houses

As a rule, the appearance of fleas in the home house is associated with contamination from home pets. Indeed, exactly they most often bring fleas in the house. Therefore, before you destroy fleas in the room, first of all you should check house pupils ?, in extreme cases – show them to the vet. However, you can bring fleas into the house randomly, the fleas waiting for you on the ground. Also, parasites can get into apartment with clothes, shoes or furniture (for example, you had recent relocation).

Sometimes there is an opinion, that fleas penetrate into the house from the street, but it is extremely unlikely event, because adult fleas practically never travel great distances. For fleas such traveling is too wasteful in terms of stamina. As a rule, their way lies to the first hiding place.

Period of activity of the pests

Fleas live on the streets during the summer period and year-round in the basement, where live homeless animals, and that is the most dangerous rats, which are carriers of many diseases. Most often they occur in private homes cottages and apartments on the first floor. Fleas like dusty rooms and are often found in abandoned buildings.

A warmer season is the best period of activity of fleas.  Fleas in the home may appear indoors in summer and autumn period, while not always it associated with pets  ?.  Fleas do not like direct sunlight and dry. Therefore they are not active in the direct rays.

Life Cycle

The female lays eggs, and after few weeks from them appear white little worms white little worms appear from them. They eat products of vital activity of adult insects or rotting remnants of food in a week they transform into pupae, and a week later – there are adult insects. This is very simple life cycle.


Flea, who grew up in the cocoon, prefers to leave it in the case, if it feels a possible host. In most cases, the flea, which does not find host, dies from hunger in 1.5-2 months. They do not live in colony, but separately look for host. So it will be not correct to talk about nest location of fleas. Adult fleas throw eggs at random. Further legless larvae hatch from them, which feeds on various decaying organic residues. Theoretically, the adult flea can live up to 1.5 years, but in most cases the life of insect is not more than four months.

Methods of dealing

For the control of fleas in most cases, you can use the following forms of insecticides:

  • Special aerosols by means of which are sprayed the greatest number of surfaces in the apartment and the places where they can hide themselves and their larvae. You should handle all the furniture, baseboards, inner surfaces of cabinets and closets, clothing, bedding – all places where may be insects.
  • Powders, which contain insecticides of contact action.
  • Thermal processing of premises – the old method, which consists of two ways – freezing and warming-up. Frozen out of fleas from the house with decreasing temperature in the street below minus 20 ° C – you should open the windows and doors. Burn out the fleas at the room temperature up to + 50 ° C. This is a more secure way for engineering communications, but in living conditions is difficult.
  • You can call the special service of pest control. This is the most effective solution in many cases, as well as professionals know their business and give a guarantee on the outcome.

Preventive means

Stop-FleasWell, now apartment is cleaned, and there are no the fleas. It remains only to protect the room from re-infestation.  For this you need do the following:

  • Regularly, at least once a week, do wet cleaning with purification the most inaccessible places in the room.
  • If you have any pets, then when you exit to the street with them, dress them in special collars against fleas.
  • You can spread on the front door and ventilation ducts in the premises special insecticide chalks.

These simple steps will be reasonably necessary to ensure that the fleas in the house in the future are unlikely to penetrate. And the owners and their pets will sleep and wake up relaxed.