Quite often in apartments can be found  brown or black little beetles, they live in a dry and bright locations, choosing for their settlements window sills, baseboards and shelves with old books. The appearance of any insects in premises brings trouble, as the pests can damage furniture, food, and even become carriers of harmful bacteria and infections.

There is a large quantity of beetles, most of them could be combined in few types:

  • flour beetles;
  • wood beetles;
  • carpet beetles.

Beetles-typesMore frequently in apartment buildings residents notice small beetles, which live predominantly in the kitchen drawer, eating dried herbs and grains. Their further presence in your home is fraught with complete destruction of even hermetically sealed products. Beetles which live in the kitchen are similar to each other, though they have different origins.

Beetles can easily be distinguished from other pests. They have an antenna, a large mouthparts and solid wings that have a protective function. They can be both small and sufficiently large, but the majority has an oval shape of body.

The habitat

Beetles can appear absolutely in any living space, but you can protect yourself from them and in extreme cases, you have to fight against pests. They inhabit in many different places, starting with wetland area and ending with a warm residential apartment. Especially they like hot and dry areas, so often in the dwelling can be found on the window sills, skirting around a battery, in crevices or cabinet drawers.

Beetles spread everywhere. They can be found in any state of America, just changing the type of beetles. The main thing that attracts the beetles look for a new habitat is food. If you improperly store food, clothing, interior items, or even furniture – be ready for uninvited visitors

Harm to human

Carpet beetles eat fur products and leave egg cells in closets with clothes and shoes, brown larvae growing up, destroy all types of fabrics and gnaw on clothes significant holes. Preference in this species of beetles cause fur and rugs, zoological collections made from natural materials (skins, furs, leather and wool), fabric and clothes things, leather items and crops. In addition beetles spoil valuable articles and products and pose a danger to people as often painfully bite inhabitants of the house and their pets.

Wood beetles cause irreparable harm to items of furniture, carpet, wood interior parts. They damage, both external and internal part of the furniture, finally bringing it into disrepair. Furniture beetle is a small, brown insect, the size of which is approximately three millimeters. If you look closely, pests can be found on ceilings, walls or windows. If you find in the wood products in the house, small openings in diameter not exceeding the one and a half millimeters, then you need to look for furniture beetles. For this purpose carefully inspect the baseboards, floors, roof and furniture.

Flour beetles can spoil bulk foods (cereals, flour, sugar, etc.), besides they quickly expand their population, infecting by their eggs rest of the drawers and shelves of kitchen cabinets. Their behavior brings nothing but harm.  Damaged products become lumpy and, of course, unsuitable for human consumption. Their use is fraught with the emergence of allergic reactions, stomach upset or even poisoning.

Causes, why appear such insects in the houses

It is impossible to determine from where appear small insects in a residential area, there are several major loopholes through which they penetrate into your premises:

  • Open windows and doors – if you leave the windows open at night, on them must necessarily be grid, otherwise the flying beetles can seamlessly get into your apartment. Incidentally, even small cracks in window frames help insects enter the room;
  • Slots and openings in the walls and pipe risers – through the smallest slits microscopic beetles can get into your house from the basement or attic, or maybe from the neighbors or from the entrance;
  • Ventilation – the lack of protection on the vents – a great entry not only for the little beetles, but also for large insects and all sorts of rodents;
  • Random visitors – you can bring insects from the street (most often they get tangled in your hair or settle on the outerwear) or any objects (on furniture, where do they go in the store, in the bag – from the market, etc.).


Irrespective of the manner in which you have any beetles in the apartment, you need to get rid of them, because the slightest delay in pest control is fraught with the rapid growth of their population and appearing a whole colony.


Period of activity of the pests

With the onset of summer, many notice inside their own home settlements of small insects, most often appear beetles in the apartment. They can appear at other times of the year, but in the summer the number of uninvited guests is greatly increased.  This is especially true for beetles, which are able to fly.

Other types of beetles can invade into your house at any season of the year, especially if they are hungry and looking for food or a place to lay their eggs and breeding.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of beetles depends on the particular type of the pest. But almost all of types have four stages: egg –larva – pupa – adult individual. Some species of beetles multiply several times per year and give quite lot descendants.  And the other types vice versa multiply very slowly, this process of transformation the eggs in an adult individual can take from several years up to even decades.


The main feature that brings together all types of beetles is a mandatory placing of their nest locations near the food source. The more beetles get food – the faster they have the transformation of life cycle. Therefore in life cycle the main thing is food.

Methods of dealing

The first is to try to eliminate insects by mechanical means applying for this vacuum cleaner. Else infected things can be subjected to freezing, for example, expose for a few hours on the balcony (suitable only for the winter season). If these methods do not help, it is necessary to pass to the chemical attack. At present, there are several proven preparations, allowing as quickly as possible destroy beetles:

  • Boric acid (in powder form) – will help to get rid not only of adult beetles, but also from the larvae.
  • Aqueous suspensions of store chemical means are used for the treatment of solid materials.
  • Solid tablets are used in wardrobes, they are placed on top of fur and fabric products. It is worth to remember that the tablet preparations do not spoil the structure of the material, but they have characteristic odor.
  • Aerosols against larvae.

Preventive means

If you don’t want the beetles to  bred once again, often use the means at hand – in the corners of cabinets should be spread and laurel leaves or peeled garlic cloves. Another important means is milled nutmeg, it is placed on the sticky side of the adhesive tape and place in areas of potential danger.

Control over the infected premises and equipment by insects should be carried out regularly and you should do the next:

  • do not buy a lot of products for reserve;
  • regularly wipe the shelves of kitchen cabinets with a solution of vinegar and water;
  • kitchen cabinets, tables, window sills and floors should be washed with household soap with addition of soda;
  • regularly check the wardrobes with clothes, wooden furniture and even decorative elements of interior;
  • local wet decontamination of contaminated sites.